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SubCon Technology provides variety of services in the field of software development. We have been developing various softwares on .Net based web enabled products for production oriented clients like manufacturing floor data collection, real time process data collection, process routings and quality process control.

SubCon has also achieved great success in developing the hardwares and softwares in the medical field. Some of our previous projects includes real time medical device web enabled monitoring and controls using microsoft .net micro framework. We have been using microsoft Silverlight in some of our recent projects. Following are the industries that we serve in the field of softwares, hardwares and manufacturing.

  1. Comercial Aerospace.
  2. Military.
  3. Measurement & Instrumentation.
  4. Industrial manufacturing.
  5. Electronic manufacturing.
  6. Medical monitoring.
  7. Medical Instrumentation.
  8. Analytical Instrumentation.
  9. Pharmaceutical.

In the complex dynamic world of EMS, SubCon Technology is positioned to provide your product manufacturing , NPI , distribution and repair support services