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SubCon Technology provides complete circuit board assemblies and PCB assemblies. Through our innovative engineers and technical expertise we provide solutions in various types of electronic assemblies.

Our long term experience and proven track record makes us capable of providing the following solutions and services for electronic assemblies.

SubCon Technology solutions are not just limited to the ones listed below. We provide custom solutions for any of the client’s requirement in the field of electronic assemblies.

Kitted PCB Assembly

We construct and send complete assembly based on your parts and PCB after complete quality inspection.

Turnkey-PCB assembly

We purchase parts, PCB, construct it, and send complete assembly after complete quality inspection.

Lead free PCB assembly

SubCon Technology provides complete RoHS compliant circuit board assemblies and lead free PCB assembly, the service we provide for these include:

  • Lead Free rigid or Flexible Circuit.
  • Lead Free SMT or THT/PHT.
  • Lead Free Soldering by following IPC 610D standards.
  • Lead Free Rework.
  • Lead Free Printed Circuit Boards.


  • SMT Assembly.
  • Lead free QFN and BGA Assembly.
  • Fine-Pitch Component Assembly.
  • Through Hole Assembly.

In the complex dynamic world of EMS, SubCon Technology is positioned to provide your product manufacturing , NPI , distribution and repair support services